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How are the brownies made?

All our Brownies are hand mixed and made with love, using ingredients like freshly cracked eggs, cocoa, sugar, butter and flour.


Can I order Gluten Free Brownie?

We have a fantastic mix of flours but none of them contain Gluten! So all our flavours are GF


Do you have a store?

We don’t run a shop front, this is to keep our costs to a minimum and enables us to pass the savings on to you. We do however have a range of cafes and restaurants that serve single pieces and you can also find us at the Jan Powers farmers markets Manly as well as some IGA stores.


Can I order a mixed box of Brownies?

When we do a large bake such as a market or event you are welcome to request a mix box for either delivery or pick up. Otherwise we are baking you slab of brownie just for you, so single flavours are available at all other times.


Can I pick up my order?

You can, but this just needs to be pre-arranged, so we are not out doing deliveries when you arrive


How much notice do you need for my order?

We can take Brownie slab orders right up to 5pm for next day delivery, if you can get larger cake orders to us by 2pm, for next day delivery.


Can I have the Kombi to my event?

You certainly can! Weddings, Parties, Anything. Just book in and let us know how many guests you are catering for.


How do I get Brownies if I’m outside your Delivery Zones?

Just get in contact with us, we maybe able to organise a special delivery, meet you somewhere or you can pick up.


I Can't find my postcode?

If your postcode isn't on the list we may not deliver to your area - Give us a call and check


How do I store my Brownies or Brownie Cake?

Being a baked product, eat them as soon as possible. Store at room temperature for a few days in a snaplock bag or container, or they freeze perfectly! Refrigeration may dry them out, so avoid this.